Simi shades fan who said she is supposed to be singing in heaven

The Nigerian great vocalist felt very teased by a fan who aspired her singing in heaven because of her excellence in the music firm.

He was very brave with his suggestion and displayed his feeling via Simi’s Twitter comment section suggesting a possible semi’s departure because she doesn’t deserve to sing on earth but heaven.

The star came across the suggestion and felt not pleased as she reacts. According to her, she labelled she is okay doing her thing on earth which got fans talking.

Please oh I’m not complaining oh. I’m ok here oh

— Simi (@SympLySimi) December 4, 2020

“Please oh I’m not complaining oh. I’m okay here oh” she tweeted.

It clearly a message to all fans that simi is afraid of death even if she is guaranteed to go to heaven.

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