Mzikitap also known as muziki bomba in Swahili – Is an African music streaming Website & App download service, developed and owned by Mzikitap Inc. Our vision is to build and support the large next generation of African artists and content creators in Africa.

It is currently the biggest and fastest growing music app in Africa which is progressively growing day by day. Users can stream songs free of charge. The service is currently available only on Android and Web. The website and app was first launched in Tanzania in 2020.

Expansion – Although concentrating primarily on African local music content, its diverse music catalogue makes Mzikitap Music a global music app. You can sign up to the app via your mobile number or your frequently used social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

More local artists are joining Mzikitap and so can you! It’s free to register and much easier to use. Soundtrack your life by downloading Mzikitap Music App to stream and share all your favorite songs for free.